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Deep regional B2B Automotive experience to support your Asian growth strategy

Asia automotive market insights

We speak the language of Asia's dynamic automotive markets and are able to highlight specific automotive business issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia-Pacific market strategy experience in these areas: electrical vehicles, fuel emissions, motorcycles, trucks, automotive coatings and refinishings for OEM and aftermarket, passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, heavy duty, light duty and off highway vehicles, 4S maintenance and repair processes, parking systems and automotive tiered suppliers such as transmission, engine, telematics, audio entertainment, battery, brake, tires, hydraulics and power train systems across most Asian markets.

Asia's automotive markets are exceptionally different from one country to the next

China's consumer vehicle population is poised to eclipse the US yet the maturity of the car owner in China is significantly lower than most Asian markets as car ownership has only surged within the last 10 years. In comparison, ASEAN covers mature markets like Singapore and Malaysia, fresh markets like Myanmar and Vietnam, and new auto powerhouses like Indonesia and Thailand. Solidiance helps leading automotive players strike the right balance between a pan-Asia and a local go-to-market strategy.

Sales channels for companies in the Asian automotive sector are constantly facing evolving customer demands

This complicates the way in which companies must re-think their go to market approach. From changing needs in the distribution channel to establishing an effective push (typically selling into the OEM) and pull (typically generating a demand from the end customer segment) sales strategy, no two Asian markets have the same value drivers and influencers and therefore, require specific strategies that address the uniqueness of that market. Solidiance works with top automotive brands to identify these key “fit-for-market” strategies.

Rapid new product launches in Asia and especially in China have had a significant impact on OEMs'infrastructure, management, processes and capacity

Existing supply chains in OEMs and the ASEAN auto market will need to be improved to meet production standards. A large portion of ASEAN supply bases are struggling to deliver quality products, on time and with a lower cost. Solidiance supports global automotive manufacturers to identify risks, enhance channels and boost margins in Asia.

Varied levels of governmental control and regulatory restraints in Asia's fast evolving automotive sectors makes it challenging for foreign global players to navigate in these markets

Understanding the dynamics of indigenous competitive threats that exist in each unique market is not only valuable, but essential to making an entry in the Asian market worth any form of investment. Solidiance identifies competitive threats, benchmarks best Automotive practices in Asia for its clients and crafts comprehensive competitive strategy to win market share.