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Asia chemicals market strategy to grow further

Asia chemicals market strategy to grow further

We speak the same chemical language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors: agrochemicals, biochemicals, plastics & polymers, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, gases, adhesives, coatings, additives & ingredients, nutraceuticals, as well as dangerous goods storage, wastage and logistics

How will Asia's young recycling industry cope with new regulations and schemes and which opportunities exist for international players?

Solidiance has worked on recycling projects across Asia, knows key players, issues and understands impact of regulations, taxes and customs on waste handling.

RoHS and REACH compliance are affecting Asia's chemical industry - Registration of new materials, storage and transportation of classified goods

Solidiance will help you understand the impact of local regulations, upcoming changes and find compliant suppliers and transportation companies.

Increasing commoditization puts chemical prices under pressure and squeezes profitability

Solidiance will analyze competitor cost structures in detail to understand what cost advantages exist, e.g. how will this impact landed prices in Asia, US or Europe, are there hidden subsidies and is the current pricing sustainable?

Raw chemical prices are fluctuating; short and flexible supply times play an increasing importance when competing for customers

Solidiance helps its clients to streamline purchasing, find new distributors and to optimize their supply chain.