Market Research Asia

Asia construction materials and equipment market intelligence to overtake competition

Asia construction materials and equipment market intelligence to overtake competition

We speak the same construction & environment language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors: steel buildings, concrete and plaster applications, roofing systems, windows, insulation, waterproofing, flooring, lighting, walling, paints, surfacing, HVAC, drilling & cutting tools, earth moving and demolition equipment. Urban Solutions / team also covers water and waste management, recycling industries, global warming and environmental issues.

How will global warming and climate change affect construction material sales in different Asian countries?

Solidiance will help clients to determine local manufacturing capacities, building codes, upcoming green changes and local demand and how this will impact sales and pricing across key markets.

Growing population and urbanization require new solutions, from faster construction and energy conservation to improved waste management

Solidiance understand construction materials and applications and helps clients to achieve their strategic targets, be it successful market entry, market share or profit growth.

Advanced building materials fight an uphill battle against cheap local products and lack of understanding on buyer and regulator side

Our expertise has sped up market assessment and helped to quickly zoom in on underlying dynamics and issues. Solidiance has helped clients to define and successfully penetrate new market segments and to lobby key stakeholders.

Understanding purchasing decision making across different business segments is key to compete in Asia. Payback periods for green developments, quality vs. cost/pricing, the power of relationships and access to funding drive construction industry sales

Solidiance's local teams provide in depth understanding of on the ground issues, teaming with our clients to develop successful market penetration and growth strategies