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Detailed Asia Hardware marketing strategy to remain profitable

Detailed Asia Hardware marketing strategy to remain profitable

We speak the same IT hardware language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors: enterprise servers, biometrics, telematics, ATMs, digital music equipment, gaming and entertainment, wireless devices, and display.

How is green tech going to affect our IT business over the next three years?

Solidiance will support your review of new Asia environment laws and green IT products requirements as well as market demand shifts.

Is the Small and Medium Business segment the only IT enterprise hardware growth sector in Asia?

Solidiance will support your company to capture market share in the fast growing but still murky small and medium business segments across Asia. Define market size, product and support needs, as well as define positioning vis a vis competition.

Which countries in Asia are the most active in biometrics?

Solidiance will size markets, prioritize market opportunities in Asia Pacific, and propose a staggered market entry matched with specific ROI targets.

What are the business implications of organic LED displays at work and at home?

Solidiance will analyze how the competition and consumers are adapting themselves to this new technology. Solidiance will also propose a pricing strategy to aggressively capture profitable market share.