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Asia Hospital Information System strategy to accelerate growth

Asia Hospital Information System strategy to accelerate growth

We speak the same HIS and IT healthcare language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors: managed care services, clinical solutions, e-healthcare, ICU informatics, cardiology informatics, patient intelligence and flow, telehealth, and real time information.

Different markets in Asia are facing very different challenges in HIS & IT healthcare

Solidiance will benchmark different roadmaps and strategies for all different levels of medical advancements.

How is the increase in numbers of solution providers specially of giants Google and Microsoft into the healthcare information system going to change the dynamics in Asia?

Solidiance will help you understand current competitive landscape of local and international IT healthcare solution providers in Asia, their position and strategies that creates competitive advantage.

Given the ageing population in Asia, it is expected that the healthcare sector reduce patient care and administrative cost to offer efficient service

Solidiance will analyze the best markets for entry and/or expansion based on regulatory policies and on strategies from medical institutions.

Is China taking a different route of development in IT healthcare solutions?

Solidiance can recommend best strategies because we monitor closely the developments both from the regulatory perspective as well as with the infrastructure development in the medical industry in China.