How We Work

Solidiance - How We Work

At 90%, Solidiance's repeat client rate is substantially above the industry average. This is a clear testimony of the value we bring to our clients. Solid Alliance is no longer just a name.

  • Solid interaction : we only aim for sustained partnerships with our clients; our success comes from precision work and a dedicated client-focused approach.
  • Customized actionable insights : we create a custom approach tailored to each client's unique situation. No cut and paste "solution" with us.
  • Getting dirty : our approach is to focus our strategy recommendations on meticulously gathered facts, not on hearsay. We roll-up our sleeves and get our 'hands dirty' by conducting extensive interviews in the marketplace. There are no other ways in Asia.
  • Not global, but Asia-centric : our focus is on the terrain we master best. We care and know about Asia issues.
  • Seriously fresh : our size allows us to deliver exciting engagements that are team-based, participative, innovative, foresight-oriented and focused on accelerating your growth in Asia.
  • Unlocking capabilities : our team is comprised of full-time seasoned consultants with deep Asia and domain knowledge. We bring senior experience that lead to high-impact results. Clients don't pay us to learn but to deliver.