Market Research Asia

Thorough Manufacturing insights to accelerate your growth in Asia

Thorough Manufacturing insights to accelerate your growth in Asia

We speak the same manufacturing language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors: manufacturing & processing, machinery, industrial & engineering equipment, industrial tools and parts, automation, actuation, electrical gear, testing & control, after market, supply chain and logistics.

Many clients have manufacturing locations across different countries in Asia

Solidiance defines and calculates different scenarios, from which products to manufactured where, what to outsource and what to buy.

China and India companies are moving up the value chain and compete successfully with large multinationals in their home markets

We help our manufacturing clients to understand competition and their strategic aims, and to develop competitive strategies, ranging from cooperation to acquisition, from game theories and Nash equilibriums to competitive pricing.

Following waves of manufacturing outsourcing, Research and Development are the new focus when competing about resources and locations

Solidiance analyzes local content requirements, synergies and best practices to determine the successful mix between R&D and manufacturing in Asia.

Customized products and localization are key to compete across Asia's many different markets

Solidiance helps to define new Asia markets in the manufacturing industry, local specifications and to understand customer preferences and decision making factors.