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Practical Asia Mobile Telecom marketing strategy to remain competitive

Practical Asia Mobile Telecom marketing strategy to remain competitive

We speak the same mobile telecommunication language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors: handsets, mobile operators, mobile messaging, mobile advertising, mobile internet, mobile security, mobile entertainment, mobile enterprise, mobile TV and video, convergence, prepaid services, broadband, Voice Over IP, and M2M.

How do we do avoid a price commoditization in our mobile network business?

Solidiance will help to define a unique mobile operator positioning, preempt competitor reactions, and identify untapped market segments as well as innovative Value Added Services.

How are new mobile technologies affecting demand for services and our bottom line?

Solidiance will support your departments to assess the impact of new mobile and wireless technologies on your product and services in Asia. Solidiance will help you to understand the nice to have and hyped technologies versus the must have.

What are the needed mobile applications and innovative value added services that will support our growth?

Solidiance will scan mobile operators globally for unique applications that have yet made their road to Asia while matching customer needs with tailor made VAS.

What are the future scenarios and where do the operators position themselves?

Solidiance will help Asian mobile operators to define a roadmap for sustained growth and profits in the midst of perpetual changes technology, revenue stream, consumer and competitor behavior.