Healthcare Market Research Asia

Asia medical devices market intelligence to zoom on opportunities

Asia medical devices market intelligence to zoom on opportunities

We speak the same medical devices language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors : cardiovascular devices, orthopaedic devices, endoscopes, respirators, anaesthesia, infusion pump, surgical & wound care, home & self care.

How important is the home-care segments compared to the traditional institutional practice?

Home and self care has slowly gained grounds in Asia and will be an important segment in the more advanced markets like Korea, Singapore and Japan. Solidiance can track the growth of this segment and the attractiveness it poses to manufacturers.

Wireless health solutions are transforming the process patients are treated these days. Patients send and receive medical data online or through mobile connections with hospitals

Solidiance will analyse how other industries interact with the healthcare sector in Asia. We can help you be one step ahead and forecast the usage of new technologies from other industries.

Is the brand positioning aligned with end-user's perception?

It is important for sales staff, marketing messages, products and services to be aligned for large companies in the medical device industry. Solidiance can help you scan the market and locate the gaps that have not been identified.

Issues in the healthcare industry such as fake medical devices, shortage of educated professionals and poor hospital regulatory procedures will be a challenge for emerging markets in Asia

Solidiance will analyze the issues and help clients understand the impact of local hospital regulations, medical education schemes etc. on market entry into emerging Asia markets.