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Asia Software marketing strategy to become market leader

Asia Software marketing strategy to become market leader

We speak the same software language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors: payment solutions, enterprise solutions, automation, health informatics, RFID, imaging security, cloud computing, media applications, data and supply chain management.

What are the open source implications for our software business?

Solidiance will review how the market is embedding the open source concept to businesses and measure the potential upside or downside dollar value as well as propose new innovative solution to combat software commoditization.

Which are the fast rising Asian software startups we should look up to acquire?

Solidiance will define with the client what the acquisition criteria are and scan the market for fast growing and disruptive companies in the Asian software industry. Targets recommendations are based on a process driven quantitative and qualitative methodology.

How can we reduce our dependence on IT vendors to boost Asia sales?

Solidiance will help to review and define new potential Asia channels. The approach will be supported by a software value chain and margin analysis as well as top & bottom line impact analysis.

How will cloud computing transform our Asia business?

Solidiance will define the impact of cloud computing on your Asia business by detailing new and lost revenue streams, new and lost USPs, customers' and competitors' reactions.