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The ultimate quiz application that puts your Asian market insights knowledge to the test.

Singapore, November 13, 2012 - "The Asia Quiz" is an Apple quiz application that tests and broadens your Asian market insights. Initiated by Solidiance,  the application is targeted for business professionals, consultants, researchers, market intelligence and industrial players with specific interest and/or experience in the Asian market. "The Asia Quiz" contains questions, with multiple options to answer, focused on the four main topics : industrial, technology, healthcare, and general knowledge of Asian market. It allows you to choose the preferred topic you are expert or interest in to later give you 10 questions.

Unlike any other quiz application that merely informs whether you're correct or wrong upon answering each question, this application gives you correction and useful insight for each wrong answer. As stated by Solidiance's Managing Partner Asia Pacific, Damien Duhamel, the application is based on an internal staff innovation workshop. "The Asia Quiz" is free for download on iPhone, iPad, and iTouch that are ran by at least iOS 4.0. It also comes with article reviews and tutorial videos from different medias for further references that may be required. 

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