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Working at Solidiance

Training at Solidiance

Like every other consulting firm, we take the performance and perpetual improvement of our staff very seriously. Our school of thoughts is summarized below:

Ten things you really need to know about Training at Solidiance:

Reality check

1. Reality check

We pay for skills you have learned at University and experiences acquired elsewhere; we are not a training institution. If you have such strong training needs, then maybe we made a recruitment mistake.

Executive education

2. Executive education

We have offered mid-management staff to attend Harvard / Michigan U / INSEAD executive education programs. These are usually a week or two long and targeted at improving a specific skill-set required to further grow in the company.

Ivy-League MBA

3. Ivy-League MBA

For staffs that meet specific requirements, the company has offer a sponsoring scheme. This is a long mutual commitment for a more holistic improvement.

Specific skills

4. Specific skills

Some of our staffs need to improve specific skills required in achieving their work tasks perfectly (Accounting, HR, ERP, IT, etc). We send them to courses at reputable institutions or invite a trainer to come to the office.


5. Language

Usually, staffs living in a country where they do not master the local vernacular have been sponsored to take local language courses. This helps to be more efficient at the office and outside.


6. Coaching

We spend an enormous amount of time to coach promising staffs to leverage their forte and address their weaknesses. We identify what the key required changes are needed for personal and career growth, and we work on them in a tandem.

Sherpas training

7. Sherpas training

On regular basis, senior staffs at Solidiance will train the whole office on Management and/or Consulting skills needed to improve our efficiency at work.

Knowledge Sharing

8. Knowledge Sharing

Learning is also lateral and comes from your best friends and office colleagues. Expect 'brown bags' lunch where colleagues share insights on specific issues.


9. Exposure

Learning comes from doing. You will be exposed to some of the smartest people, senior executives at leading Fortune 500s, current and future corporate strategy issues, emerging industries, new products & markets, and you will go to the countries you have never been to previously. This is hands-on learning.


10. Fun

Learning can be fun too. We invest in organizing some of the most memorable team events, theme parties and other innovative initiatives, driven & managed by you.

CSR at Solidiance

Solidiance commits not only to support and help the growth of our clients and staffs, but also the less fortunate. We remain discreet about it. Here is a glimpse of what we love to do:

  • Solidiance supports Bayon Ecole, a Cambodia-based NGO focused on education for underprivileged children in the country.

Solidiance CSR
Solidiance CSR

  • We have also been greatly humbled by the experience of supporting financially challenged leprosy patients and HIV infected children at the St.John’s orphanage in South Kerala, India

Solidiance CSR

  • We are a Corporate Partner of OneKuai, and have donated funds, materials and time in China to support poor children in remote China.


  • We have also worked with Rumah Yatim to support young orphans in Indonesia.

Rumah Yatim

  • Our management has volunteered and is coaching young entrepreneurs from less fortunate families via the Youth Biz Network.
  • Solidiance will also happily join sporting / public events with a societal impact.

Fun, lots of Fun at Solidiance

We have redefined the "Work Hard, Play Hard" adage. Beside the many team lunches, dinners and drinks, we organize some of the most amazing yearly staff events to build a strong team spirit at Solidiance.

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