We made a conscious decision to be a part of this world we are growing in; not just to support clients but also supporting individuals that are less fortunate than us. CSR is not just a one-way street. It is incredibly rewarding, fun, and something you actually would want to do more often.

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Solidiance commits not only to support and help the growth of our clients and staffs, but also the less fortunate. We remain discreet about it. Here is a glimpse of what we love to do:
Bayon Ecole Solidiance supports Bayon Ecole, a Cambodia-based NGO focused on education for underprivileged children in the country.
St.John’s orphanage We have also been greatly humbled by the experience of supporting financially challenged leprosy patients and HIV infected children at the St.John’s orphanage in South Kerala, India.
OneKuai We are a Corporate Partner of OneKuai, and have donated funds, materials and time in China to support poor children in remote China.
Rumah Yatim We have also worked with Rumah Yatim to support young orphans in Indonesia.
Youth Biz Network Our management has volunteered and is coaching young entrepreneurs from less fortunate families via the Youth Biz Network.

Solidiance will also happily join sporting / public events with a societal impact