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About NextContinent We are a new generation of management consulting network. Cross-border organizations are faced with specific challenges and major shifts.

They need to adapt constantly to their fast-changing environments. Servicing them “as always” with a unique consulting mindset is no longer enough. We have felt the need to build a new consulting territory. We believe in the specifics of local markets as key drivers to handle globalization. We have the size and adequate footprint in our countries of operation to help our clients to make change happen in a complex world.

The Network We believe that we must provide a fresh mindset when advising our clients:


Nextcontinent is a new adventure for existing independent consulting firms. Our “citizens” are leaders sharing a unique entrepreneurial vision. After years of heavy effort, they want to extend the red line of trust they have created with their clients through this citizenship.

Our approach is to have our consultants understanding your people and your products. Our people are together with your people, shoulder to shoulder. They are the sole interface between our clients and us. They are the first citizens of our Network. When collaborating with them, our clients face them, not a brand.

Business Sectors Nextcontinent covers a wide range of industries, to enable changes from choices to real life. Our worldwide experts deliver their capabilities for the main strategic business sectors:
  • 01. Aeronautics and Defense
  • 02. Automotive
  • 03. Banking and Finance
  • 04. Consumer goods
  • 05. Energy
  • 06. Digital
  • 07. Insurance
  • 08. Pharma
  • 09. Public Sector and Healthcare
  • 10. Telecommunications and Media
  • 11. Transport
Business Centers We have organized our major sectors in Business Centers. Each of them brings a global key expertise per industry segment, global coverage and capabilities.

They are built around teams of international partners and managers, working with major clients in diverse environments and cultures, sharing a common goal: to satisfy clients with innovative solutions and an obsession for quality in high-value deliverables.

Business Centers are fully business-oriented. They deliver international surveys, benchmarks, innovative position papers and value propositions on a regular basis. It is also the place for knowledge sharing and innovative methodology creation.

Our members, citizens of nextcontinent, are the core teams of those permanent think-tanks. They constantly capitalize on the return of experience of major projects in a collaborative way to develop new tools and creative solutions, and leverage cross-functional synergies.

Locations Present in 33 offices covering 28 countries with a capacity of intervention of 1100 consultants.
  • 01. Aachen: P3 Group
  • 02. Abu Dhabi: Solidiance
  • 03. Amsterdam: Magnus Red
  • 04. Bangkok: Solidiance
  • 05. Barcelona: Nexe The Way Of Change
  • 06. Brussels: Arch
  • 07. Bucharest: Ensight
  • 08. Buenos Aires: Nexe The Way Of Change
  • 09. Casablanca: Eurogroup Consulting France
  • 10. Detroit: P3 Group
  • 11. Frankfurt: Eurogroup Consulting AG
  • 12. Hambourg: P3 Group
  • 13. Ho Chi Minh: Solidiance
  • 14. Jakarta: Solidiance
  • 15. Kuala Lumpur: Solidiance
  • 16. Lisbon: Eurogroup Consulting Portugal
  • 17. Luxembourg: Eurogroup Consulting Luxembourg
  • 18. Madrid: Nexe The Way Of Change
  • 19. Manila: Solidiance
  • 20. Mexico City: Nexe The Way Of Change
  • 21. Milan: Eurogroup Consulting Italia
  • 22. Montreal: P3 Group
  • 23. New Delhi: Solidiance
  • 24. Paris: Eurogroup Consulting France
  • 25. Roma: Nexe The Way Of Change
  • 26. Shanghai: Solidiance
  • 27. Singapore: Solidiance
  • 28. Stuttgart: P3 Group
  • 29. Tunis: Eurogroup Consulting France
  • 30. Vienna: Eurogroup Consulting AG
  • 31. Yangon: Solidiance

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