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The Solidiance recruitment process is fast and red-tape free. Our medium size enables fast decisions. Our no nonsense approach is reflected in our recruitment. As Solidiance is growing fast we are always looking for talent and you should send us your resume if you feel Solidiance should be your next employer.

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Applying for a job at Solidiance We give you the creativity to present your profile the way you want. There are no CV templates. Yet if your CV is more than two pages long we are not likely to read it fully, we run a business, not a book store. Some staff sent us Youtube CVs, others prefer to be classic. We recommend that you keep it short and simple and highlight your key achievements.

Congratulations. You have been invited for a first interview. If you have not, it probably means that:

  • 01. You are fresh out of university, sorry we prefer proven talent
  • 02. Your background does not fit the Solidiance job description
  • 03. We estimate that your direct experience is limited in our field and/or in Asia
  • 04. You jumped employers on regular basis without demonstrating any tangible achievements
  • 05. You are under or over-qualified for the position we are recruiting
  • 06. Your letter or CV is filled with typos, addressed to the wrong company, or simply too long to read
  • 07. You did not provide proper contact details

Solidiance interview details: interview questions and process

When you are requested to come for an interview you need to get prepared. The first interview is usually informal around of cup of coffee outside the office to put you at ease; yet make no mistakes we firmly evaluate you from the get going:

  • 01. Are you on time?
  • 02. Are you properly dressed up for the interview?
  • 03. Are you polished in your manners and approach?
  • 04. Are you communicating intelligently?
  • 05. Did you do some research about Solidiance?
  • 06. Do you know what the job entails?
  • 07. Are you well-traveled and knowledgeable about Asia?
  • 08. Are you on top of current events?

During this first casual assessment we will fully evaluate your overall cultural fit with the company and your ability to do the job you applied for. If we sense you are not what we are looking for the process will gently stop there. You are free to re-apply down the road. If however we feel you are someone we would like to know more we will ask you to complete a set of 10 business cases under a time limit.

The cases:

Cases are an essential part of the overall selection process for candidates aiming to join Solidiance. Each question assesses specific skill set and personality, as such there are no ‘right or wrong' answer, as such content, structure, and overall presentation are equally important in our evaluation. The cases can be done from home or anywhere else, yet there is a 48 hours time limit from the moment the cases are emailed to you. You must work on all questions and provide a PDF PowerPoint document with your answers. There is a limit of one slide per case only. Plagiarism and fraudulent approaches to cases will result in automatic termination of recruitment process. No cases questions will be answered prior to your assignment completion.

Formal interview and more Solidiance interview questions!

We review your cases immediately and the answer is either a yes or no. Never a maybe. A maybe equates to a no answer. Should we proceed further, you will be asked to present and actively defend some of your cases / answers. At that point we will mainly test your logical thinking and your ability to answer in a convincing manner.

Expect some of the usual interview questions to pop up:

  • 01. What are your career achievements?
  • 02. Why did you resign from your last job?
  • 03. What are you looking for with your next employer?
  • 04. Demonstrate how innovative you were when faced with a real business problem?
  • 05. How do you coach your team members?
  • 06. How do you validate market insights?

Expect some of the usual interview questions to pop up:

  • 01. How do you assess the attractiveness of a market?
  • 02. How would you identify a set of acquisition targets for a client?
  • 03. How would you benchmark the operations of our client and its competitors?
  • 04. What would you recommend our client do to grow sales by three folds in 2 years?
  • 05. How would you analyze the value chain of an industry?
  • 06. Which Fortune 500 is having a difficult time in Asia right now, and what should we recommend they do to improve their growth perspective ?

Last but not least there will be some odd-ball questions to test your intellectual curiosity, your desire to excel, and your team fit. From thereon Solidiance will either again terminate the process, continue with another round of interview (this is common when we have two strong candidates for the same position), or work on a job offer. Solidiance reviews your background and checks with your previous employees, colleagues and clients.

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