Solidiance operates with a flat organizational structure. We encourage and empower staff at every level to contribute towards improving how we do things. This means we make special effort to ensure that we have a team of mature, capable, energetic, and trustworthy professionals to ensure that we meet our clients' needs. As an ancient proverb goes, someone you hire is one you should trust, and someone you don't trust is one you shouldn't hire.

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The people that are successful at Solidiance would be described as

Team Players

At Solidiance we have no heroes. The team is the hero. As such, we recruit people with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Our team is paramount to all and to everything so we do not tolerate politics and bad apples are usually fast-replaced. This is where your personality and approach to team work will make all the difference. We want problem solvers, not trouble makers.

Problem Solvers

Our people have a natural passion for solving problems. We look for people with a strong analytical mindset, logical and structured thinking, and the ability to question and synthesize different pieces of information at the same to ultimately derive insightful conclusions.


Our people strive to succeed and create wining solutions that result in client satisfaction. We look for people with the confidence to make an impact, desire to learn and grow, the ability to think on their feet and the personal ethics to deliver nothing but the best.


Consulting is a serious business where one can't succeed if little preparation is made, if no processes are implemented, if no prioritization is followed and if no dedication is showed. We look for quick-witted people with attention for details and who settle for nothing less than perfection.


Our people enjoy interactions with clients and colleagues. They are also opened and willing to receive straight feedback on areas for improvement. We look for people with the ability to communicate complex ideas, build rapport with team members and strangers alike, engage others interest and the ability to influence. Character integrity above all is the key make-or-break factor.


We prefer people with a passion for life and zest of wild ideas that may transform our firm, our clients' business or our environment. Suggestions are wanted and encouraged and staff must live by the "what if" mantra while seeking perpetual improvement.

Staff with a deep intellectual curiosity have always done well at Solidiance. Obviously, we recruit candidates with strong academic background and relevant Asia corporate advisory experience. Above all, the staff that have done very well at Solidiance always had the best attitude towards work, clients, and colleagues. They have the success of the group at heart and will do all to win as a team. They exert their authority naturally without creating politics. They tend to be promoted faster.

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