Solidiance Germany

  • Address :
    Gardeschützenweg 139, 12203 Berlin, Germany
  • Phone :
    +49 1602910658
  • Mail :
    [email protected]

What is the history of Solidiance’s Germany office?

Solidiance’s office in Germany is based in Berlin and opened in March 2016 with a total of 3 employees. The Berlin office serves as a platform for client liaison in Europe with the aim of exposing Solidiance´s brand name across the European Union. Since our opening, we have continuously worked on building strong relationships with existing and new European clients by cooperating with organizations such as OAV, the German AHK´s and some important industry organizations such as VDA and VDC.

How is Solidiance different than other consulting firms in Europe?

Our advantage and key differentiation lie in what we truly focus on as a company: advising Fortune 500 companies in their growth expansion plans in Asia and the Middle East. We aren’t ‘global’ like most consulting firms and we take pride in that. Our team of consultants in Asia have years of working experience, bringing a unique set of skills and languages to the table that no other firm in the region has. Our Asia-focused practice allows us to be highly specialized in our work, which caters to the business needs of our European clients. Being present in all key Asian markets, from Dubai to Shanghai, we believe that we can offer a fresh new consulting approach to clients in the EU while still having a European sense of business behaviour and understanding.

How can Solidiance Germany help our business to grow in Asia?

Our main expertise and focus area is to assist large EU companies with the identification of sustainable growth opportunities within their industry in the Asia region - from West to East Asia. We help international companies to understand 'what's beyond the obvious' and give clients practical, implementable advise on market growth including detailed channel strategies, competitive benchmarking, opportunity prioritization across markets and geographies, customer mapping, M&A support and partner due diligence - just to name a few.

Who heads up the Solidiance office in Germany?

Solidiance Germany office is run by Heiko Bugs, one of the co-founders of Solidiance and COO.

Prior to setting up Solidiance, Heiko worked for seven years with an international management consulting company in China where he built and led the consulting operation across four local offices. Heiko has spent over 20 years in Asia including 9 years in China and 5 years in India, participating in Asia's rapid development as the new economic power house. He holds an MA from Mannheim University and an MBA from Rutgers.