Solidiance Malaysia

  • Address :
    Suite 23A-02, Binjai 8 Premium SOHO, 8 Lorong Binjai , Kuala Lumpur 50450 , Malaysia
  • Phone :
    +60 32 181 0692
  • Mail :
    [email protected]

What is the history of Solidiance’s Malaysia office?

Solidiance office in Malaysia is based in Kuala Lumpur, more specifically in its leading business district, the Golden Triangle. The office opened in 2012, but the fact is Solidiance has been successfully serving Malaysia-based clients since 2007. Solidiance Malaysia has been performing several regional engagements with global Fortune 500s and large Malaysian conglomerates looking for regional growth opportunities.

How is Solidiance different than other consulting firms in Malaysia?

Our Kuala Lumpur team includes locally knowledgeable and internationally educated professionals who mix homegrown know-how with a global outlook, placing us in an excellent position to provide our clients with strategic advice. Our experienced team understands that helping clients achieve their business objectives is a collaborative process that requires a commitment to service excellence. Our team’s diverse skills and backgrounds help clients manage the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Malaysia. For regional needs we leverage our unique Asia offices network. Some firms are global, we simply focus on Asia and know our terrain better. Feel free to test us!

How can Solidiance Malaysia help our business to grow in Malaysia?

Our team offers perspective and guidance to clients who are making some of their most important business decisions in Malaysia. We find valuable market opportunities to exploit and provide an on-the-ground reality check to prevent costly mistakes in Malaysian and Asean markets. Our most valuable skill is structuring complex data and market feedback so that clients can assess options and make better decisions. Our experienced staff can separate the relevant data from the noise, see beyond short-term market conditions, and can think beyond the most recent management fads. Solidiance's client engagement repeat rate is significantly above market average. A true testimony of the value we provide to clients.

Who heads up the Solidiance office in Malaysia?

Solidiance office in Kuala Lumpur is headed by Fabian Teja Boegershausen. He has tremendous project execution experience in the automotive, industrial goods and consumer products field. With over 8 years of experience in research and consulting - focusing on market entry strategy, competitive intelligence, marketing, and sales in emerging markets as well as restructuring of foreign operations - Fabian accumulated his experience by playing different roles across different organizations, including working on several implementation projects and serving clients such as Continental Automotive, Siemens Industrial, Swarovski and other international companies. He earned his Master‘s Degree in Financial and Industrial Management from Karl Franzens-University in Graz, Austria.