Solidiance United Kingdom

  • Address :
    1 St Peter's Square, M2 3DE, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Phone :
    +44 7545274940
  • Mail :
    [email protected]

What is the history of Solidiance's United Kingdom office?

Solidiance UK launched in January 2019 and is our second office in Europe. To meet increasing demand for more UK and European projects from our repeat Fortune 500 clients, it became apparent that the next step was to set up an operational office in the UK. We are also now able to share and leverage our depth of global knowledge and experience with fast-growth and highly ambitious companies in the UK. This is a pivotal time as British business seeks to further engage with global markets on its own terms and trusted advisors are needed to support this growth to ensure that the correct decisions are made and rewarded with a maximum return on investment. Solidiance's practice areas - healthcare, automotive, food and manufacturing - are the UK's leading industries. We know these markets and we know where and how clients can innovate and grow.

How is Solidiance different to other consulting firms in the United Kingdom?

Solidiance offers the UK market a unique perspective. Most growth advisors start life in markets like the UK and slowly venture out to the Middle East and Asia offering minimal value and no deep insight to their clients along the way. Solidiance offers its lifespan of 'boots on-the-ground' experience and brings global expertise to the doorstep of UK clients. Our staff have operational experience in the markets that our clients are most interested in and are best positioned to advise on the important strategic issues that affect our client's growth ambitions. This set-up also positions us perfectly to assist global clients as they explore UK market entry.

How can Solidiance United Kingdom help your business grow?

Solidiance can help you identify growth and innovation opportunities closer to home, further afield or in the digital space. Our expertise and strength lies in providing strategic advice to fast-growth and ambitious companies on their growth journeys into new markets across the Middle East and Asia. Solidiance projects vary in size from solving specific problems to developing 5 year business plans to support regional growth initiatives. Our staff may meet with your distributors to hear of their unmet needs and challenges. We can explore your competition to understand what better practices they may employ that gives them a potential upper hand position in the market. Once we collect insights from the numerous touch points in your business, our staff are able to develop tactical and actionable market strategies and recommendations that clearly help our clients solve problems, grow and improve their market positions.

Who heads up the Solidiance office in the United Kingdom?

Solidiance UK is headed by Jack Fowler. Jack relocated to the UK from Solidiance's UAE operation to launch the office having previously been based in South East Asia, managing and executing regional engagements between our Singapore and Myanmar offices. He brings a wide understanding of the regions and markets that Solidiance serves globally and has advised Fortune 500 companies on their growth strategies across Europe, Middle East and Asia. Prior to joining the company, Jack worked for a London-based advisory firm helping to launch and scale its digital market intelligence service in Myanmar. He has also previously lived in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Jordan. Jack holds a First-Class Bachelors degree and a Masters degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.