Solidiance USA

  • Address :
    YCP Solidiance Limited, 12707 High Bluff Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92130 USA
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    +1 858 212 4706
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    [email protected]

What is the history of Solidiance's USA office?

After over a decade of supporting some of the America’s largest and fastest growing Fortune 500 MNC’s in Asia – it became apparent that collaborating with these firms at their headquarter locations was essential to activating and embracing the Asian growth strategies we were working on with their local teams. Our project work often times brought us to the USA to share critical insights and deliver board level presentations on the outlook for our clients business in Asia. Similarly – many long term clients who engaged Solidiance in global projects enabled Solidiance to begin working in the USA, Mexico and Canada to understand global opportunities that may exist for their business. Our teams have been running projects in North America since 2013, and in 2018 we officially opened our operations in Southern California.

How is Solidiance different than other consulting firms in the USA?

Solidiance’s unparalleled geographic footprint in Asia and the Middle East translates to a deep level of understanding in arguably, the world’s most critical market of the future. Here in the US, our clients are bombarded by so called “experts” who observe Asia’s growth through the headlines and the thinktanks. Even large scale consulting firms that boast 100’s of global locations lack the focus and concentration on these key markets. Which is why Fortune 500’s in the USA are increasingly calling on our US team to convey the realities from our decades of in-country expertise and our local teams across the region who’s job it is to meet with the end users, customers, value chain partners and indeed competitors to get an Asia Awareness that goes deeper than the latest GDP figures. This in turn, translates directly to the competitive threat these Asian forces represent in our clients’ home markets in North America.

Our US practice supports our clients in understanding how to compete in an increasingly global economy – especially one where foreign players are swiftly picking up market share in the USA and North America overall.

How can Solidiance USA help your business grow?

Solidiance USA is staffed with industry experts who are able to deeply interact with market players to understand their commercial issues. Our staff meets regularly with distributors and customers to hear about their unmet needs and challenges in working with various suppliers in the market. With staff in the USA, Canada and Mexico we are able to take our deep knowledge and former livelihood of helping US companies explore “off shoring” into alternatives that can be beneficial in a “near shoring” diversified manufacturing approach while retaining the synergies and benefits of becoming truly global. Once we collect insights from the numerous touch points in your business, our staff are able to develop tactical and actionable market strategies that clearly help our clients improve their market position in North America.

Who heads up the Solidiance office in the USA?

Solidiance USA is headed by our Senior Partner, Pilar Dieter. Pilar relocated from Solidiance Shanghai, China office after leading the operation for 7 years. Pilar has 17 years of experience in strategy management consultancy and was based in Asia for more than 10 years. She has served as an advisor to Fortune 500 seeking growth opportunities in Asia, across multiple sectors including manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. She served as a Board Member at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and has served as a voice of American business interests in Asia. She is equipped with strong foothold across Asian markets and has worked in Malaysia, India, China, Korea, and Singapore. Prior to Solidiance, Pilar had worked at Accenture, as well as led Professional Services and Product Management divisions in the Silicon Valley. She is widely published and is a top rated speaker on topics related to global business in emerging markets. Pilar graduated from UCLA and holds an MBA from the Chicago Booth School of Business.