This infographic is based on our white paper, "Transforming Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi into Sustainable Cities of Vietnam".

Vietnam's government is focused on transforming Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City into sustainable cities. While building a sustainable city in the face of rapid urbanization is challenging, progress is currently being made in the country. In this infographic, Solidiance highlights 4 key aspects which are fundamental to the success of  Vietnam in developing sustainable cities.

The government has constructed an urban rail network as the next public transportation mode to mitigate traffic congestion. The first two lines of Ho Chi Minh City’s metro systems will be introduced in 2020 while Hanoi plans to build eight lines - although behind schedule.

In terms of the green environment, a number of public initiatives have been enacted to increase the amount of open green space and the number of green buildings. 

In line with the government’s target to make Ho Chi Minh City the first smart city in Vietnam by 2020 and Hanoi by 2030, USD 6 billion mega projects are currently underway to build smart cities in Thu Thiem and Dong Anh.