Dennis Lien, Manager at Solidiance writes to Vietnam Investment Review on the progress of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi becoming sustainable. According to him, there are four fundamental features that are critical to the development of sustainable cities: public transportation, green spaces, green buildings and smart cities. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi will need to establish more smart city initiatives to minimise the impact of severe traffic congestion as seen in other large Asian cities. The business community can help here by advising policymakers on the most appropriate model and also consult, where possible, on the best practices and potential improvements to sustainability. Large amounts of capital are needed to sustainably develop the cities of Vietnam. The estimated budget for developing Hanoi alone to become a smart city is around USD 3 billion. The city will provide approximately USD 350 million from the national and city budgets, with the remainder to be raised from private investors or the implementation of certain public, private, and public-private partnership (PPP) projects.

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