Malaysia’s E-tail Market: The Nurturing Nest for Regional Growth Stories

Date :
  • April 2017

Malaysia’s e-commerce retail (e-tail) industry may finally take off now that it is in a value-stage where growth is driven by the value per user due to increased category penetration. In addition, the country will likely become an important platform market in Southeast Asia as the cultural diversity makes it an ideal testing ground for new concepts and act as a driver for e-tail development in the region. Although Malaysia is behind other Southeast Asia counterparts in size with USD 900 million (2016), it is expected to outpace the others in terms of growth by 2021. For Malaysia to fully benefit from its potential key role in Southeast Asia’s landscape, companies and policy makers must observe a number of key success factors present in the market while the momentum is still hot.

This white paper aims to address these main questions :

  • 01. Why is Malaysia's e-tail market expected to grow strongly and which segments will be most significant in coming years?
  • 02. Which strategic role does Malaysia play in the regional e-tail market and what are the key factors to observe here?
  • 03. What is to expect in the near future and which steps should companies take to prepare for it?

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