Will Thailand 2.0 Revive the Construction Industry?

Date :
  • January 2017

Thailand’s construction market is estimated to reach up to USD 41.4 billion by 2016, with about USD 17.9 billion coming from private investments and USD 23.4 billion from the public sector, which also includes the infrastructure segment. In 2015, the government focused on investment in enhancing Thailand’s transportation, which led to a substantial increase in infrastructure investment. The expansion of new subway lines suggests major opportunities for developers to build new construction projects in vicinities around Bangkok. Furthermore, the high number of visitors over the past few years has strengthened Thailand’s position as a regional shopping hub for Chinese and ASEAN tourists. On the industrial front, construction is led by the government’s willingness to make Thailand a leading economic zone in ASEAN. This white paper aims to analyze growth opportunities and forecasts the future outlook of Thailand’s construction sector in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

This white paper aims to address these main questions :

  • 01. What is the current state of Thailand's construction industry?
  • 02. What drives opportunities in Thailand's residential, commercial, and industrial segments?
  • 03. How can developers and construction companies in Thailand overcome barriers in the industry?

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