Electric motors have started to circulate in the market, but the financing process or leasing is still difficult. At least more than 80 percent of motorcycle buyers use financing services or leasing (credit). The installment period also varies, from the lowest of only one year to the highest, 5 years. Solidiance's survey showed that by this day, no one is willing to give credit on electric motors because the risk is too high (related to batteries), in addition to a high resale value. The research also states that 80 percent of motorcycles are purchased with credit. With that in mind, financing or leasing company may need to begin putting credit on electric vehicles purchases. Solidiance itself is currently testing the use of electric motors for online motorcycle fleets in collaboration with Go-Jek. This article is in Bahasa Indonesia.

Source: https://oto.detik.com/motor/d-4128085/susahnya-cari-kredit-motor-listrik

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