Discourse on the use of vehicles powered by electricity, including electric motorbikes as a means of transportation for people in Indonesia, continues to roll in the midst of society. For industrial players, almost all motorcycle manufacturers or brands operating in Indonesia are ready to mass-produce electric motorbikes. In addition to the readiness of the battery charging infrastructure that must be widely available to guarantee the comfort and convenience of motorcycle users, the price of the vehicle must also be affordable. If prices are more competitive, the absorption by the public will expand. As a result, the industry is also encouraged to produce it. Another aspect that is important to prepare is the management of battery waste in anticipation of the negative impacts that occur on the environment. Associate Partner and Country Head of Solidiance Indonesia, Gervasius Samosir, said Indonesia needs to switch to electric vehicles because the transportation sector is the biggest contributor to CO2 gas emissions. This article is in Bahasa Indonesia.

Source: https://www.motoris.id/manufaktur/12419/pemasyarakatan-sepeda-motor-listrik-butuh-tiga-hal-ini/

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