There are three main factors that make Indonesian people reluctant to use EV. The first factor is EV cruising. An electric motorbike with a capacity of 2 kWh can only cover 60 kilometers. This 60 kilometers from a full battery to empty, it takes up to five to seven hours to charge. Based on the results of a survey, 68 percent of 63 motorcycle users questioned the roaming ability of electric motorbikes. The same factor was also expressed by car users with a percentage of 78 percent of 46 users. In addition, the limitations of the General Electricity Provider Station are a factor in the difficulty of implementing electricity transportation in Indonesia. The General Electricity Provider Station is still minimal in Indonesia. Recorded in December 2017, there are more than 1,300 SPLUs throughout Indonesia spread across 24 cities. About 71 percent of the SPLU are in DKI Jakarta. The third factor is the unavailability of installment services for the purchase of electric vehicles from many financial companies in Indonesia. Whereas as much as 80% of Indonesians buy vehicles on credit. This article is in Bahasa Indonesia.


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