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The Next Growth Wave: Rising Consumerism in Myanmar

Myanmar has garnered interest from not only local but also global investors who are looking to capture untapped opportunities in this burgeoning market. Then, what is the profile of Myanmar's consumer market?

Myanmar has undergone rapid transformation in a relatively short time after a new democratic government was established in 2016; though it took decades for some of its regional neighbors to achieve similar levels of economic progress. Hence, it is important to understand the impact of this rapid pace of development on consumers - not just on a regional or urban vs. rural perspective, but also the defining political and economic events that the consumers have been exposed to across different age groups. The white paper highlights the picture of Myanmar's consumer market over generations which includes the profile of the country's economy, demography, and spending power. It also gives a quick explanation on the established foreign F&B franchises, smartphone penetration, social media access, e-commerce platforms and smartphone share in Myanmar - all of which are factors that lay the foundation of the country's potential to grow.

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