In the coming decade, six major economies in ASEAN – Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore – will face an estimated total healthcare spending of ~USD 740 billion by 2025 brought about by fast growth rates in the elder population coupled with high smoking, overweight and obesity rates. To put this into perspective, an increment of ~USD 320 billion in total healthcare cost will need to be addressed by Southeast Asian nations, nearly doubling today’s spending of ~USD 420 billion. However, while the massive rise in healthcare demand poses one of the greatest challenges the ASEAN nations has ever faced, there also lies immense opportunity. This infographic gives a brief overview of the factors impacting rising healthcare cost faced by ASEAN 6 nations and tries to provide measurable actions to address the future challenge. 

This infographic is based on the white paper, "The ~USD 320 billion healthcare challenge in ASEAN". Please click here to download the white paper.