Myanmar's Emerging Opportunities in Diagnostic Imaging & In Vitro Diagnostics

Date :
  • December 2015

With the increasing economic growth and demographic changes in Myanmar, expenditure in the healthcare landscape is set to rise exponentially by the growing awareness of regular check-up for early detection of non-communicable diseases. The country is also witnessing rapid growth in healthcare demand which inevitably results in the development of the healthcare system. These shifts are creating emerging opportunities for private healthcare companies, especially in the Diagnostic Imaging (DI) and In Vitro Diagnostics market. However, demand for better healthcare services are increasing faster than supply, requiring global healthcare players to have a long strategic view of the market. This white paper analyses these trends and provides strategic insights to create a sustainable long term strategy to capitalize on these opportunities.

This white paper aims to address these main questions :

  • 01. What is the current situation in Myanmar's healthcare?
  • 02. How the In Vitro Diagnostics will be able to help Vietnam's healthcare system to keep up with people's awareness?
  • 03. What are the long-term opportunities in Myanmar's healthcare?

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