Thailand Merger and Acquisition Activities: Positive Growth Trend Despite Political Uncertainty

Date :
  • June 2018

Thailand’s merger and acquisitions (M&A) activity has remained resilient in the past few years despite political uncertainty and the economy’s ongoing recovery for better business conditions. Between 2015 and 2017, the average transaction increased by 21% from USD 39.7 million to USD 48.2 million while transactions larger than USD 400 million also increased by CAGR 5.5%, signifying a growing appetite in M&A deals in Thailand. This report provides an overview of M&A activities in Thailand, including the most significant business deals happening in the market and the sectors anticipated to drive more deals in the future. According to the report, consumer discretionary and staples, energy and real estate sectors have been promising sectors and to continue growing in 2018 given the increasing regional consumption spending and the recovery of Thailand’s exports. Thailand will remain an attractive stage for domestic, outbound and inbound M&A deals which should reach its peak in 2020.

This white paper aims to address these main questions :

  • 01. What is the current state of Thailand's M&A landscape?
  • 02. Which sectors are expected to drive further growth in M&A?

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