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Case Studies

7 City New Distributor Development Direction Assessment

The client is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies.

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The distributor is an external sales force of one organization. Over the time, the performance of each distributor vary. To make sure the sales continue to grow as planned, the client would like to recruit backup distributors yet they have tried the lubricant distributor direction, therefore the client would like to understand where else could they find suitable backup distributors


Based on the assumption Solidiance made together with the client, Solidiance has started the testing/checking process in the marketplace.


Solidiance started the project with a workshop with client multiple sales team with the aim to understand the key successful features of the suitable distributors and meanwhile suggested the client create the distribution searching big industrial direction assumptions on the industries with 1) short sales cycle 2) large volume 3) technical sales 4) <3 layers of channel structure 5) wide coverage of industries.

Engagement ROI

1. The client has four industries which could be used to start developing channel partners right away. 2. client also has the potential distributor list that has been prioritized in the project process. The client was able to send their sales team to follow up right away. 3. Solidiance went extra to summarize the tool that enabled the client to understand what makes an industry suitable for the client to spend time for distributor search. It enables the client to have the internal ability to address the similar issues in the future.