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Case Studies

Intra-Asia Road Freight Strategy

A global leading player in parcel and freight shipment with major activities in Asia

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The client faces new aggressive competition to provide road freight within Asia (Singapore up through ASEAN and into China). Fearing the new road freight offers would harm its competitive solution, the client looked for an objective assessment of customers’ true intent to shift away from ocean/air to road in strategic industry verticals, as well as a true picture of competitions’ activity in this space.


Solidiance conducted probing, external market research among a cross section of key customers in major target industries. We assessed regional regulatory trends by considering intra-Asia trade development with focus on border crossing efficiency, costs and level of corruption. We also compared cost and timing effectiveness of road freight versus air/ocean by major country and trade lanes within the region.


Solidiance evaluated major international and regional competitions in terms of road freight infrastructure, level/nature of activity, pricing approach, local alliances and future strategic intent.

Engagement ROI

The client has bigger market capture on current state and future development over next five years of intra-Asia road freight development. They were also able to see opportunity and threat as a result of industry and competitor dynamics and understand the industry sectors/customer types who were susceptible to switching to road freight option.