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Case Studies

LSP Start-Up Strategy

A global logistic firm who is building its China arm to specialize in international consolidation services within broader, full line logistics offering.

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The client needs parallel initiatives to find or acquire a logistics provider in China while establishing detailed business processes in the US. Client only has small management team and needs full support on all aspects of the business and implementation plans.


Our team helped the client identify, qualify and negotiate a joint venture arrangement with a leading Shenzhen based on Chinese logistics provider to provide implementation of capabilities in China. Our team has guided overall process with client management team.


Solidiance helped the client to prepare the business plan, resourcing and marketing approach as well as develop business case and financial model. We also conducted a customer research to both measure opportunity and refine value proposition.

Engagement ROI

The client is able to implement a comprehensive plan that put together all needed resources and infrastructure needed to acquire a Chinese logistic provider and hire executive sales manager. China joint venture business model was refined and management team was established. Solidiance helped the client to identify and hire executive sales manager and attended key account meetings to assist in ongoing sales development.