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Case Studies

Market Potential for Paper Cup Stock Material

A world large supplier of paper and board for packaging, corrugated board packaging, and industrial sacks.

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The client's management was considering forward integrating into paper cup stock as a means to leverage its strong and competitive raw material supply position in South America. The objective was to conduct a global feasibility assessment on the market for paper cup stock in terms of volumes, prices, suppliers, key end-use applications and growth outlook. China, given its scale and growth vector, was selected as a strategic market for review.


Solidiance assessed the size, segmentation, and prices of China cup market by material type, application split, customer segments and growth drivers. The team reviewed regulatory developments covering areas such as plastic versus paper and foam as well as environmental concerns and drivers. We evaluated the supply chain for cups from raw material to the basic cup to coating and cutting to end user as well as the key players at each level of the value chain.


Solidiance has provided a comprehensive market picture for cup stock and its downstream applications in China. We highlighted key success factors for a new entry into China. Identified key potential customers and related supply chain partners.

Engagement ROI

Solidiance profiled major cup stock suppliers in terms of volumes, pricing, key customers, and the client proceeded with their next steps.