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Pricing Probe in Materials for Wind Blades

A part of a global, diversified science and materials company with an active development in next generation composites.

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The client wanted to introduce the new line of composites into China’s growing wind energy market and management needed to understand the current materials usage, key suppliers and comparative price points in order to determine if it could be competitive.


Solidiance conducted a comprehensive secondary research to identify major distributors, end users and China blade industry atmosphere as a backdrop to blade material evaluation. We implemented face-to-face interviews with suppliers/distributors for PVC foam & balsa wood, including both international and domestic companies, which were common competing materials against our client’s line of composites. Moreover, we conducted face-to-face interviews with end-users (major blade manufacturers) to understand their material selection process, current pricing trends and openness to consider new material.


Our team provided current and future outlook on wind blade material pricing in China. We identified pain point among blade customers and impact on client’s pricing strategy and highlighted other material companies who were also promoting alternative materials for wind blade usage.

Engagement ROI

Solidiance named several customers who were open to further dialogue with our client.