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Case Studies

Re-Engineered Buildings (PEB) and Structural Steel Growth Strategy in UAE and Qatar

A leading Saudi based steel manufacturing and distribution company.

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The client was a well known, reputable player in the Middle-East but this was not translating into stable top line growth, especially in the UAE and Qatar, two countries geared to host big events such as the Dubai Expo and World Cup. Hence the client wanted to understand the key levers to better position itself to capture market share and achieve sustainable growth rates.


Solidiance adopted a two-pronged approach for this study: 1) internal assessment - meeting with key executives, employees and customers to understand sales approach and value perception and 2) extensive analysis of the competitors - success factors, challenges as well as key free trade zone management, developers, contractors and architects to understand the key factors that customers look for when sourcing steel, key trends and drivers for adoption/conversion in the sector as well as target projects for our client.


Solidiance conducted a thorough analysis of internal capabilities / blind spots as well as external market opportunities, competitive landscape and customer needs to generate an actionable growth strategy aimed to position the client as a premium one-stop solution provider.

Engagement ROI

The client was able to better understand the market needs, vendor registration processes, prioritize target growth sectors and projects, identifying relationships crucial for project referrals. The study also highlighted how the client could win more and bigger projects by better leveraging on the strengths of their own internal group companies and enhance vertical integration to enter into new growth segments.