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Case Studies

Steel Market Feasibility Study Extension Project - Market Sizing Support

The client is a leading global steel manufacturer was looking to develop new product category for Southeast Asia. The Vietnam office requested a more granular market sizing as an extension of the original project.

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As a result of the previous market feasibility study with Solidiance, the client decided to dig deeper into the market potential for steel buildings for the retail segment. The market sizing was to be broken down by product types and applications to help inform the client's production planning and strategy.


Solidiance placed a team of 1 consultant and 1 manager on this project. The team conducted in-depth interviews across the value chain with designers, contractors and end-users to obtain the market’s adoption rate for specific products in different applications in different sub-industry segments. Then, Solidiance input the qualitative feedback and secondary data into a comprehensive market sizing methodology.


Solidiance came up with 2 approaches for market sizing methodology: top-down and bottom-up to ensure accuracy. The top-down market size was built based on the understanding of local production, imports, and exports, while the bottom=up approach was built based on the understanding of product adoption rate for each application in each industry.

Engagement ROI

The client was satisfied with Solidiance's approach and market sizing methodology. Based on Solidiance's work, the client was able to map out its production planning as well as develop a business plan.