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Case Studies

Wind Lubricant Aftermarket Business RTM Expansion Strategy

The client is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies.

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The client has been losing their customers in the past half year in the wind lubricant aftermarket and they assuming the current RTM structure, as well as a partner, might not right, so they wanted like to engage Solidiance to help them understand if their assumption was correct.


The approach was to reach various wind aftermarket consumable suppliers, distributors, service providers to collect the cases. The next step was to review the assumption testing stage results with the client on a weekly base and make prompt project direct adjustment based on the insights generated each week.


Solidiance had to expand the understanding of successful as well as unsuccessful RTM approach from just lubricant to all types of consumables of wind aftermarket. Then based on that summarize what makes the RTM effective and ineffective. Once this part is cleared, an enhanced wind aftermarket RTM strategy could be developed based on it.

Engagement ROI

The client understood what the RTM and the distributors had was good and that the issue was in the distributor setup structure. This was something they would not think of in the past During the project interviews. Solidiance have also helped the client retain two unhappy clients caused by the same issue identified in this study.