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Case Studies

Aftermarket Opportunities and Omni-Channel Growth Strategy

The client is a leading European manufacturer of high quality disk-brakes.

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The client had gained only minimal market share in past years and considered revamping the market approach with a broader product range, yet needed an understanding of the specific opportunities by segments and channels.


Solidiance deployed a qualified team of Consultants on site for three weeks to survey the aftermarket in Victoria, New South Wales, Brisbane and West Australia. More than 60 qualified management interviews and an in-depth review of available data allowed a thorough analysis and a sound footing for the strategy.


Solidiance provided a fast-pace on the market and channel analysis, including a view of key players in the value chain and segment price levels for leading brands and taking into account the role of potential partnerships, own channels, and e-commerce. Based on this a concise set of key growth options was derived and plotted on a strategic roadmap for the client.

Engagement ROI

The client was able to understand what was driving the market and how the demand for disk-brakes would shift in coming years. Based on the provided data, options and roadmap the client was able to finalize the internal business plan for go/no-go decision by the top management.