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Case Studies

Incubation Support in Heavy Duty Truck Parts

A leading North American supplier of heavy duty brake parts and holder of many innovative brake technology patents worldwide

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Management had been exploring entry into China for a number of years with little success. They are currently in deep and complex discussions with a potential Chinese licensee. They needed negotiation support as well as on-the-ground business development resources going forward to continue local market development.


We helped to shape the terms of the license contract as well as garner the support and acceptance of the Chinese partner. We hired a business development person in China on behalf of the client and provided full local support, including legal, HR, financial and general management supervision.


We had a dual role of negotiation as an intermediary and advisor between client management and the target licensee candidate.

Engagement ROI

The client continues to utilize Solidiance's incubation support as its business development person cultivates the market and establishes business opportunities. When appropriate, and after some business scale is established, Solidiance will help transition this business development capability to a client-owned and manage the operation.