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Case Studies

Iran Lubricant JV Partner Coordination and Negotiation Support

The client was a leading global lubricants brand.

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The client had decided to enter the automotive and industrial lubricant market in Iran. Following Solidiance's initial market assessment and partner search, the client decided to move into direct negotiations with one of the largest lubricant players in the country and needed local guidance and support to manage the process.


Solidiance assigned a designated senior consultant to the project who continuously managed the negotiation process for the client on site in Teheran, engaging over a course of 4 months the client's project management and the local corporation's top management, speaking regularly to C-Suite officers and key stakeholders.


Through a continuous on-site support by Solidiance professionals, an open and structured negotiation process was created that balanced the needs of the involved stakeholders and ensured a pragmatic process towards the first agreement.

Engagement ROI

The client and their local partner signed the MoU for cooperation 5 months after the initial strategy had been decided and Solidiance had begun their support. When implemented it will be the client's most significant partnership in the Middle East.