Feeding Asia

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Asian emerging markets have significant growth opportunity in the food industry, from agriculture to consumer goods manufacturing and food services. These countries will have to step up their food production plans by adopting new technologies, increasing labor productivity, and improving land quality.

Seeds and crops protection in Asia’s markets

The agriculture business is changing dramatically and business must react accordingly. Solidiance’s staff has significant experience in: agricultural chemicals and fertilizer producers, biofuels, meat production, dairy production, crops, and agriculture equipment. Solidiance will help you assess your internal competencies and benchmark the best possible solutions to achieve growth.

Asia’s agriculture machinery and irrigation solutions market

Agriculture machinery & equipment, irrigation equipment, pumps and tractors are a significant segment of agriculture market in Asia. Solidiance helps these companies expand to large Asian markets and increase their revenues. Solidiance offers assistance with mergergs and acquisitions and helps business identify potential targets.

Efficiency and localization in food processing in Asia

Food and beverage industry is still having significant growth opportunities in emerging Asian countries, unlike matured economies with small expected growth rates in the next few years. Solidiance is helping these food production companies identify key opportunities and all possible growth scenarios by reviewing all options, while maintaining food safety and quality. Solidiance will help them expand revenues by entering new markets and launching new localized products.

Food Logistics and cold chain

We know how distribution, supply chain and logistics work in Asia’s food sector. Solidiance’s staff covers everything from warehousing, packaging, packing, freighting, warehousing, transport, and more.

Asian food distribution

The global retail landscape is evolving with the fastest growth in Asia, where convergence and innovation in e-commerce and third-party start-ups has forced companies to focus on channel strategies of key retail players. This is a risky industry characterized by small margins and businesses will have to adapt to the new trends. Solidiance is helping companies scale their business with customized and omni-channel strategy, detailed customer insights and segmentation.

Transformation of Food Services Across Asia

Foodservice industry is divided into two groups: those who prepare and serve food and those that produce and distribute food, equipment, and services needed by food providers. This is also an interesting industry in Asia, with various third party start ups providing online ordering systems and delivery services. Solidiance can benchmark other solutions and competitors around Asia and help expand sales by launching new innovative programs. Solidiance can help identifying the right partners and develop specific digital solutions for your platform.

Digitization in food production and services

Asian agriculture will have to undergo the 21st century transformation. This is the era known as a third agricultural revolution and it will be driven by the development of digital solution, by using big data and advanced analytics to enable farmers to increase crop yields and improve decision making process. Solidiance helps companies conduct internal assessments and digital benchmarking in order to define their digital strategy.

Improve food safety with technology from production to restaurants

Food safety operations are usually manual so they are hard to to standardize and difficult to track. Larger companies with employees working in multiple shifts across dozens of locations have significant problem with tracking food safety. However, technology has dramatically improved these processes with enhanced track-and-trace capabilities that provide more data about how food has been handled through the supply chain. Solidiance helps businesses determine what are the gaps in the operational process and provide the best solutions for a specific business in the food chain.

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