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Case Studies

Growth Strategy in Food Ingredients

A leading global manufacturer in food-grade phosphates in China.

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The client planned on to establish a manufacturing base in China in order to better penetrate the local market. Solidiance needed to help the client understand how significant the need is for the specific products and services the client provides, while the food and beverage sectors look active in China, Also they needed to understand the demand, both current and future, of actual and prospective customers, as well as identify key competitors in the food-grade phosphate market in China. Its management wanted to reach these targeted sectors which are needed to identify potential distributors.


Solidiance determined the demand potential for the client's products in terms of size, segmentation, and growth vectors in the selected food and beverage. Furthermore, our team has identified on the ground assets that the client would need to exploit the opportunities.


Solidiance Identified on-the-ground assets that the client would need to exploit.

Engagement ROI

The client could identify priority end use sectors where proposition fit and can choose alternative business models and routes on market to penetrate these segments.