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Case Studies

India Growth Strategy for a U.S. based food processing equipment/solution provider

The client is a U.S. based equipment/solution provider for several food processing applications.

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The client is a provider for several food processing applications such as fruit juices; meat and seafood processing; frying and freezing lines for vegetables and meat products; filling and sealing products/solutions in the dairy industry. The client had limited sales in the Indian market. They were operating in more than 15 customer segments in India. The client wanted to understand if India presented a good opportunity for their products/solutions and if yes, how could they grow their business in India.


Solidiance took a simple two-step approach including helping the client to identify top 7 segments and assessed the competitiveness of the client's products solutions.


The solutions were as follows: Step 1 - Given that there is always limited time and budget, Solidiance helped the client in identifying the top 7 segments that presented the maximum opportunity for client's products/solutions. These are the segments that the client should compete in. Step 2 - In the second step of the project; Solidiance assessed the competitiveness of client's products/solutions with respect to leading competitors in those segments. Then later Solidiance developed a roadmap for the client in terms of what they should do both in the short-term and the long-term to increase their winning ratio in each of these focus segments"

Engagement ROI

The client now has clear visibility in terms of the total business opportunity available for their products/solutions in the Indian market. He also has a clear road-map for the future on which segments should be targeted and what needs to be done by the client both in the short-term and the long-term to increase their winning ratio in the upcoming projects in each of the focus segments