Healing Asia

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Our teams know Asia’s healthcare. We’ve done fieldwork across the healthcare market, visiting major public hospitals, leading private facilities, clinics outside of the major cities, blood banks and diagnostic labs, the boardrooms of leading healthcare companies, the offices of NGOs, and the halls where healthcare policy is made. With our extensive domain knowledge, you do not pay us to learn but we are a reliable partner bringing you ground level, up-to-date knowledge about issues impacting your business. Our teams speak your language, know your industry, and thus are able to to dig deeper, focus on the keys issues, create value, provide practical recommendations and complete the work faster.

Medical devices in Asian markets

Solidiance knows the landscape and speaks the language of Asia’s medical device markets, regularly working with clients to grow their business in IVD, molecular diagnostics, imaging, PoC applications, and other medical equipment. Solidiance has the team with the know-how to map your customer base and identify KOLs and their decision-making process. We can help you uncover untapped markets, whether in new geographies, new hospital & clinic types, new financing models, and help your devise your strategy for the public & private sector. Solidiance can help you identify and select possible partnerships in any region in Asia, as well as define your role vs. that of the distributor in sales, pre-sales service, and post-sales service.

Asia Hospital Information System strategy to accelerate growth

We speak the same HIS and IT healthcare language and are able to quickly zoom on your key issues. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the specific following sectors: managed care services, clinical solutions, e-healthcare, ICU informatics, cardiology informatics, patient intelligence and flow, tele health, and real time information. Different markets in Asia are facing very different challenges in this sector and Solidiance benchmarks different roadmaps and strategies for all different levels of medical advancements. Solidiance helps businesses understand current competitive landscape of local and international IT healthcare solution providers in Asia, their position and strategies that creates competitive advantage.

Patient monitoring intelligence in Asia’s healthcare sector

Asian markets vary in the implementation of regulation standards for patient monitoring products and we know that changes in regulations changes the dynamics of competition in business. That is why in a fast-paced emerging market like Asia, Solidiance constantly monitors medical advancements and forecasts trends and growth in patient monitoring devices to help you stay ahead of your competitors. Our in-house staff has extensive Asia Pacific marketing strategy experience in the single parameter, multi-parameter and portable devices: Parameters include: ECG, respiration, BP, temperature, CO, CO2, SPO2, telemetry, etc. We can map the market share growth for all the manufacturers of monitoring devices in Asia markets and analyze the trends behind the numbers.

Pharmaceuticals industry developing and growing in Asia

Solidiance advises pharmaceutical companies on the impact of government policy on current and future demand. We map patient flow through the healthcare system to clarify customer needs & perspectives as well as the impact of the regulatory landscape and role of health insurance in driving referrals. We work with our pharmaceutical clients to understand physician perspectives on the pharmaceutical landscape, across originators, biosimilars, non-similar biologics, generics, and so on. Our team can advise on price sensitivity and pricing strategy. And we can identify distributors to accelerate your market penetration.

Medical insurance in Asia

Private health insurance revenues are rising with the aging population in the world. In countries in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, government initiatives are offering incentives to private payers to help reduce overall healthcare spending while improving access to care. Solidiance will help you determine which Asian market is the best for you and provide a suitable market entry strategy. We will help you find the fest solution to digitize your insurance offering and increase your growth.

Medical Imaging products in Asian hospitals

Imaging for medical purposes involves a team which includes the service of radiologists, radiographers (X-ray technologists), sonographers (ultrasound technologists), medical physicists, nurses, biomedical engineers, and other support staff working together to optimize the wellbeing of patients, one at a time. Solidiance helps producers of these expensive and important devices navigate complicated landscape of Asia’s healthcare.

Medical diagnostics developments in Asian healthcare

With increasing cases of new strains of viruses, epidemic and pandemic diseases, healthcare professionals are innovating healthcare solutions to improve the combat of, and cure for, diseases worldwide. Medical diagnostic plays a significant role in saving people’s lives by providing accurate diagnosis and prognosis, which enables improved monitoring and treatment.

Home care segment gaining grounds in Asia

Home and self care has slowly gained grounds in Asia and will be an important segment in the more advanced markets like Korea, Singapore and Japan. Solidiance can track the growth of this segment and the attractiveness it poses to manufacturers. Wireless health solutions are transforming the process patients are treated these days. Patients send and receive medical data online or through mobile connections with hospitals. Solidiance will analyze how other industries interact with the healthcare sector in Asia. We can help you be one step ahead and forecast the usage of new technologies from other industries.

Asian hospitals & clinics

The private hospital & clinic landscape is at varying levels of market penetration and patient acceptance across Asia. We advise private hospitals & clinics on growth opportunities by region, patient segment, medical specialties, etc. Solidiance also works with investors in the private hospital & clinic market to identify acquisition targets and conduct commercial due diligence.

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