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Case Studies

Marketing Strategy for End-users of Patient Monitoring in Asia

The client is a European-based manufacturer of patient monitoring systems.

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Recent technological advancements in patient monitoring systems have spurred increased sales in Europe and the US. Manufacturers have been successful in re-designing and improving wireless and telemetry solutions to improve patient's comfort. Nevertheless in Asia, growth in patient monitoring systems seem to be driven by other factors. It was critical for our client to find these factors that drive decision making so that an adequate marketing strategy could be deployed for direct sales.


Solidiance assisted the client by analyzing decision makers and influencers in large, medium and small hospitals segmented by brands in the targeted Asian countries. The objective was to identify and analyze purchasing factors and a penetration rate of new technology. Direct marketing strategies would then be recommended to target end-users by region and by types of hospitals.


Solidiance proposed an in-depth end-users analysis study to derive: the level of acceptance of new technology, the usage of types of patient monitoring systems by units (general wards, ICUs, OT), connectivity preferences and data archiving needs. This project was focused on Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan.

Engagement ROI

Improvements were measurable in sales efficiency and client relationship management within 6 months of our engagement