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Case Studies

Outlook for an Integrated Health Scan Concept

A leader of a specific integrated health-check system seeking to understand a new emerging market for similar adapted systems in Chinese medical facilities.

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The client’s product existed in China but in a very different form. They had never integrated the functions in this way before and client management needed to understand the size and growth of the market and what the funding drivers were.


Solidiance collected the background data and perspectives on how much money was allocated, what the source was, and who guided deployment for the purposes. We interviewed clinicians as well as administrators in Community Health Clinics to listen to both product issues and experience with patients.


The Solidiance team quantified overall market and addressable segments with expected growth rates for each sub-sector and supported achievable market share expectations. We assessed the nature of the opportunities available to the client, what product roadmap could be expected, what would be needed and what could be realistically achieved.

Engagement ROI

Product development timeline was outlined and realistic time to market and organic/acquisition options.