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Case Studies

Product Opportunities in Medical IV Bags

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The client's management was considering a more aggressive play in China’s IV bags given overall positive healthcare growth, the need for material technology and expressed interest on the part of some of its filmmaker customers. The client needed to obtain a more structured view of the current market’s supply chain, material composition, key players and future growth potential in order to plan its strategy.


Solidiance created a market roadmap for the client outlining opportunities by bag type, material composition, and customers. Our team identified areas of potential to support filmmaker needs as they attempt to penetrate this market.


Our team assessed size and segmentation by material type, application split (blood, nutrition, saline, other) and pricing. We reviewed regulatory developments covering areas such as plastic versus glass, PVC versus non-PVC, key Influencers and timing and level of enforcement. We provided a full characterization of the customer base and analyzed the key competition.

Engagement ROI

Our market roadmap and growth strategy was the support our client needed to expand their presence in China.