Manufacturing Asia

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The fourth industrial revolution is bringing new challenges and opportunities to businesses around the globe. Factories are turning into smart factories with workers being replaced by intelligent robots. Industry 4.0 is a combination of augmented and virtual reality, sensors, IoT, data, smart machines and robots in manufacturing. As the new manufacturing centers are being developed across Asia, new exciting opportunities and challenges arise for businesses. Solidiance provides guidance in this industry, characterized by a high level of uncertainty among manufacturers in their struggle to get the transformation process started. Solidiance’s staff has extensive Asia strategy experience in the specific following sectors: manufacturing & processing, machinery, industrial & engineering equipment, industrial tools and parts, automation, actuation, electrical gear, testing & control, after market, supply chain and logistics.

Manufacturing Across Different Countries in Asia

Amidst China’s transition into a high-skilled manufacturing hub, Vietnam and India are attracting numerous businesses that are seeking to shift their low to medium skilled manufacturing plants to countries with lower cost of labor. Solidiance is helping businesses enter these new and exciting emerging markets. Solidiance helps their manufacturing clients to understand competition and their strategic aims, and to develop competitive strategies, ranging from cooperation to acquisition, from game theories and Nash equilibriums to competitive pricing.

Chemicals manufacturers competing in Asia

Chemicals companies face a significant challenge in Asia in order to deliver a profitable growth in a complicated and competitive Asian markets. Margin pressures are increasing among chemicals producers due to commoditized product and complicated value chain. Solidiance defines and calculates different scenarios, from which products to manufacture where, what to outsource and what to buy.

Lubricants in industrial sector in Asia

Lubricants are distributed through multilevel, highly granular distribution chains creating issues for lubricate companies. It is hard to anticipate actions and re-actions through multiple levels and time lags. Solidiance is helping these companies find the optimal route-to-market and expand their revenues in emerging Asian markets.

Power in the new focus in diverse markets in Asia

Power in manufacturing companies ranges from oil and gas, electricity, water, and renewable forms of energy. Solidiance provides insights by studying and analyzing Asian markets in order to provide clear directions and high growth rates.

Power distribution developments in Asian manufacturing

Solidiance is experienced in power distribution industry advising providers of distribution, control and quality of power supplies for low-voltage electrical networks, industry and the service sector. Solidiance helps these companies expand their top line growth by entering new markets and implementing new growth strategy.

The influence of logistics on Asia’s manufacturing

Manufacturing and logistics always went hand in hand. However, the traditional viewpoint of manufacturers reveals many flaws in the efficiencies of standard shipping, transportation and logistics processes. Third-party logistics providers are a second option for companies that want to outsource logistics. Solidiance’s teams know logistic markets in emerging Asian countries and are able to focus on key issues.

Industrial engines in Asian Industry 4.0

In today’s competitive markets in Asia and with rising stringent regulatory environment, there’s little room for waste. The engines used for various manufacturing processes are a part of complex market where manufacturers look for premium controls and reliability in order to minimize their costs. Solidiance helps clients determine strategic options for their portfolio by providing their internal assessments and competitive benchmarking.

Challenging machinery producers in Asia

There are various challenges for producers of manufacturing machines and equipment – from shifts in demand, raising competition, innovation technological solutions and changes in raw materials market. Solidiance helps these clients increase their revenues by shifting from developed to emerging markets in Asia.

Parts and servicing in Asia’s industrial sectors

Industrial machinery aftermarket has become four to five times larger than the original equipment businesses, similar to other industries such as automotive. Parts and services are a high-margin business, and there is a rising competition in the market fighting for the chunk of corporate profits. Solidiance helps companies benchmark the competition and provide strategic counseling in order to help them expand their top-line growth in Asia.

Tools used in Asia’s manufacturing industry

Tools are also significant segment of manufacturing processes. There are significant variations in consumption patterns across different Asian countries, or even regions within countries. Solidiance helps to define new Asia markets in the manufacturing industry, local specifications and to understand client preferences and decision making factors.

Big Data, IoT and AI and other connected digital solutions in manufacturing

The world of manufacturing is characterized by the use of IoT and other connected digital technologies, known as Industry 4.0. This transformation enables businesses to gather, mine, analyze and use data in manufacturing processes. This use of data, cloud, IoT, sensors, AI and other digital solutions is enabling faster, safer, and more efficient production with lower costs. Solidiance will help you find the way to digitize your manufacturing factory.

Automation and robots

Technology has brought affordable and flexible solutions that are capable to preform better and faster. These technologies causing the rise of automated manufacturing facilities across Asia. Robots are replacing humans and manufacturing landscape is certainly changing. With Intelligent machines, robots and artificial intelligence human labor will become obsolete. Solidiance helps companies find their way towards automated factory from the future.

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